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"Run awaaaaaaay!" 
13 September 2006 15:55 - "Run awaaaaaaay!"
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jaylake reminds me that we're getting into cold season here in the Northern Hemisphere, so to all of you I offer my recipe for the best cold cure I've ever encountered: Evil Tea.

In large mug, combine:

2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons honey
As much Tabasco as you can stand, up to 1 teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon Evil Tea Spices (ground ginger/ground cloves/chili powder/black pepper mixed in 2:2:1:1 proportions) [EDIT: I now include garlic powder in the same proportion as the chili powder and pepper]

Stir well. Add:

1 bag Breathing Thyme Breathe Deep herbal infusion
1 bag Throat Comfort or Throat Coat herbal infusion
1 bag Gypsy Cold Care or Cold Care P.M. herbal infusion
1 bag peppermint infusion

Fill mug with boiling water. Let steep covered ten minutes. Add:

1 ounce whiskey

Stir again; the spices won't dissolve, but you want them suspended in the liquid so you don't get them all at once in the dregs. Allow to cool just enough to be drinkable. Remove teabags and drink the Evil Tea as quickly as you can manage. I recommend having a glass of water nearby; if it doesn't make your eyes water, it's not doing its job.

The honey and lemon and Throat Comfort will help your throat, the Breathing Thyme and peppers will help your nose, the Gypsy Cold Care will boost your immune system, the cloves and whiskey are antiseptic, the peppermint and ginger will help your digestion, and the whole thing will make even the hardiest germs run screaming. I rarely get sick anymore; I think I've scared 'em all off. Of course, now that I say that, I note that my throat is a bit sore...

The next time I make this, I may try adding a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil, though men should definitely skip that step.

EDIT: nomad_grey tells me that Breathing Thyme is no longer made! Very sad. He recommends the Yogi Tea Breathe Deep as a replacement. He also writes:

"It was still Evil Tea. In fact, it was Evil, Sadistic, Sick, Twisted Motherfker Tea. It made me sweat. It made my brother sweat, and he's in Chicago. It melted the snow on my driveway. It erased all the files on my hard drive.

"Oh, and you forgot one other property of the whisky... it acts as an anesthetic so the rest of the ingredients don't knock you over backwards!

"I love it."

Proceed at your own risk. *)
13 September 2006 20:01
"There's definitely an association between exposure to lavender oil and tea tree oil and gynecomastia [abnormally large breasts in men]," said Derek Henley, lead author of the research and a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, in Research Triangle Park, N.C.


Good to know.
13 September 2006 20:04
One of the advantages of working in the weird science field is that I find interesting stuff like that. It's really too bad about those findings, as both lavender and tea tree have a great many useful properties; I've heard them both called "a first aid kit in a bottle".
14 September 2006 17:26
I had no idea about this - thanks. Environmental estrogen analogues can be bad for women as well as men - excess estrogen can make endometriosis worse, for instance - so I shall be avoiding both oils in future, and making sure katyha and her family know about this research (they have been using tea tree oil shampoo on their daughter for head lice control).
13 September 2006 20:18
Whoa. That sounds like quite a process! I imagine it works. It's a matter of if I have the motivation to take on that process and mass number of ingredients. But wow, thanks for sharing.
14 September 2006 05:36
I have the spice mix pre-made, which helps.
13 September 2006 20:31
But if I had my own boobs, I wouldn't have to leave the house anymore!
13 September 2006 20:52
Jeesh, just reading that makes my eyes water. I'll have to try it.

That's interesting about the lavender and tea tree oil. I'll have to keep that in mind. I'm sure I've occasionally had either of them is some personal care produce. Good thing like to keep trying different things.
14 September 2006 02:46
wow, it's like punishing yourself for getting sick.

no, not really. i'd do it, in a heartbeat. i probably will, actually. i stored your recipe a long time ago, i just have to remember to dig it up when i'm groggy from sick.

14 September 2006 05:37
Tagging is your friend!
14 September 2006 03:15
That sounds vile. So I suppose it must work.
14 September 2006 17:10
30 July 2011 17:16 - Trying this...sorta
Given that I'm 39 weeks and have to kick this summer cold ASAP, I'm going to try this in a modified version. Some of the ingredients in the teas aren't safe for pregnancy, but I can do all of part one and the peppermint. I'll have to half or skip the whiskey. Given that my midwife recommended a cayenne gargle - we'll try this. I'll let you know how my modified tea works.
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