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While I was chatting with grahamsleight earlier, he came up with the notion of a feminist sitcom with NO LAUGH TRACK because it's NOT FUNNY. Naturally, I had to mention this to [personal profile] xtina.

02:29:38 Xtina: It would be meta, as the concept itself would not be funny!
02:29:42 Rose: except it is!
02:29:44 Rose: to me, anyway
02:29:46 Xtina: It would just be this slow pan of a desperately confused audience.
02:29:53 Rose: *bursts out laughing*
02:30:02 Rose: confused people are funny!
02:30:51 Xtina: You might get smatterings of applause, but the immediate murmuring response of their seatmates ends that quickly.
02:31:04 Xtina: They look guilty and concerned. Others, self-righteous.
02:31:12 Xtina: At some point, the whole thing explodes in a poof of logic.
02:31:14 Rose: the whole sitcom takes place off-screen
02:31:20 Rose: and is never quite audible
02:31:30 Rose: _deeply_ meta
02:31:58 Xtina: Oo, yes. They can occasionally zoom in for specific audiencial reactions.
02:32:52 Xtina: I would want a running bet - how long until someone shrieks "WHERE'S THE "APPLAUSE" SIGN?!?" and runs flapping out of the room?
02:34:55 Xtina: How long until a small band of people band together and laugh, regardless of what's going on?
02:35:34 Rose: how long until a male feminist ally gets loudly offended?
02:35:41 Xtina: "HA HA HA HA HA!"
02:35:52 Xtina: And his female compatriots get offended at his offense...
02:36:00 Rose: "WELL I'M A WOMAN AND I DO!"
02:36:19 Xtina: I really really want one of those... sports snackycake walkerfolk? I don't know. Vendors?
02:36:26 Xtina: Only with eggs and fruit.
02:36:29 Rose: hahahaha
02:37:08 Rose: and then the egg jokes
02:37:14 Rose: and then the abortion comments...
02:37:37 Xtina: The DVD has a behind-the-scenes shot that is the sitcom itself.
02:37:54 Xtina: Director's cut just shows the director and producer and such folk *cracking up forever*.

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10 August 2009 07:07
I'm envisioning the sitcom itself to be strident, with lots of slogans and deeply felt monologues. And everyone dressed in wacky, totally inappropriate costumes...chicks, and bunnies, and French maids.

I worry about my brain sometimes...can I come live in yours for a while?
10 August 2009 07:12
It's hardly less cluttered in here!
10 August 2009 12:01
I think you need to write that song.
10 August 2009 13:06
10 August 2009 17:20 - In the episode I write in my head.
at some point! the angry man punches someone for something offensive! and then a woman has to punch him, because dammit we can punch for ourselves. And then he lets her, and that is also bad, because dammit, we can fight back. And then someone has to spray them with one of those seltzer bottles. and someone laughs, and that is teh person who security hauls out.
10 August 2009 17:36 - Re: In the episode I write in my head.
Endless potential for humorless non-comedy!
30 April 2010 07:27
I'm rereading this and somehow, somehow, managing not to crack a rib laughing.
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