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"Never tear us apart" 
5 March 2012 04:28 - "Never tear us apart"
discovery, lust, passion, sex
QOTD: "I know I'm a grown-up because I'm about to leave a bed with a gorgeous, sexy, squirmy woman in it to go do my taxes."

Fortunately my freelance spreadsheet makes doing my taxes--or rather, assembling the information my tax preparer needs to do my taxes--fairly painless. Leave that bed, however, was very, very difficult. About the only thing that got me through it was the repeated mantra "We live together". After all, tomorrow the taxes will be done, and Xtina will still be gorgeous and sexy and just down the hall.

Between this and a really lovely date with Josh today, I am feeling very lucky indeed.

Now to sleep as efficiently as possible so I can be coherent (and not too goofy-grinned) for a business lunch tomorrow.

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5 March 2012 13:35
You are a grownup indeed. :)
5 March 2012 16:02
Yay yay yay.
5 March 2012 17:56
I love the idea of efficient sleep. Is it possible?
5 March 2012 18:57
Not that I've found, but I am desperate to make it a reality somehow.
8 March 2012 15:46
It's true, but wait, can't laptops solve this choice and give you both? :)
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